Omega Junior drops – dietary supplement recommended for infants and younger children -complex composition containing purified vegetable oils with high, standardized contents of fatty acids: Omega 3, 6, GLA, Omega 9 series and Vitamins B6 and E.
Recommended dietary supplement for infant’s first days of life:

– Boosts immune system weakened by bacterial and virus infections
– Diarrhea
– Malabsorptive syndrome – syndromes of poor absorption (food allergies, intolerance to cow’s milk, gluten-sensitive enteropathy)
– Supplement to infant formulas
– Malnutrition related to gastrointestinal problems of different origin
– Dry, flaking, itching skin
– ATOPIC constitution (dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma)
– Preventive – atopic parents
– Eczema
– Preterm born children
– Long, difficult and strenuous delivery
– Birth injury
– Growth and development disorders
– In combination with vitamin D3

Patients’ experiences

All compliments for Omega junior drops. We have been using them since May, half a year so far, as recommended by our physician, a neuropsychiatrist in whose opinion I have great faith!

Branka Gajić



OMEGA JUNIOR drops contain highly purified herbal oils in combination with standardized essential fatty acids and vitamins acting as positive metabolism modulator:
1. Black currant seed (Ribes nigrum seed oil) – purified oil
2. Soya bean (Glycine max oil) – purified oil
3. Vitamin B6
4. Vitamin E

Purified oils are the source of standardized contents of essential fatty acids:

1. ALPHA-LINOLENIC ACID – Omega 3 series
2. LINOLEIC ACID – Omega 6 series
3. OLEIC ACID – Omega 9 series
4. GLA – ready-made Gama Linoleic, from Omega 6 series

Omega Junior drops contain essential fatty acids (Linoleic – Omega 6 series, Alpha-Linolenic – Omega 3 series) in a ratio indispensable for their efficiency and proper growth and development of children’s organism:
Omega 6: Omega 3 = 4:1
OMEGA JUNIOR DROPS DO NOT CONTAIN: fish oil, preservatives, colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners!
Omega Junior drops DO NOT CONTAIN genetically modified substances and gluten!

Only two fatty acids (Linoleic acid – Omega 6 series, Alpha-Linolenic acid – Omega 3 series) are fatty acids (EFA) since they cannot be synthesized in organism, but are taken in with food and they are exclusively of plant origin.

EFA are necessary for growth and development of all body organs and systems:

EFA are included in the structure of cell membrane, maintaining their integrity and function, they regulate inflammation processes, anti-oxidative processes, affect the proper growth, development and function of the brain, hormonal status, immune status, sight, development and strengthening of the skin barrier and mucous membranes. They are necessary for absorption and activities of per os taken Vitamin D and Vitamin D- dependent calcium.
Vitamin B6 and E – essential positive modulators of metabolism and EFA efficiency.


Breastfeeding newborns: 5 drops, 1 a day
– Newborns from weaning up to 1 year old: 30 drops, 2 a day
– Infants over 1 year old and adults: 25 drops, 3 times a day
– Omega Junior drops can be diluted in some milk, porridge or soup
– Omega Junior drops can be given on a shallow spoon so that the child can lick the content


Sve All preparations can be purchased at pharmacies.

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